Conference Paper Guidelines

16 September 2003

Final papers are due by 6 November 2003.

Paper content Paper parameters Paper standards Paper organization Paper formating File format Paper publication Paper presentation Author Information

1) Content

2) Parameters

3) Standards

4) Organization

To correct or complete author info, you should use the abstract submission form

5) Formating

6) File format

7) Publication

8) Presentation

II - Paper information (mandatory)

II-a) Your paper will be (select one):

- a research paper (reporting original research/development/experiment by its authors)
- a professional / practitioner case study
- a survey paper (no author original research involved, but dealing with current research/development)
- an essay (discussion, analysis, argument, etc.)
- other (please define)

II-b) You estimate it will be (choose one):
- a standard paper (8-12 pages)
- a short paper (4 pages)

II-c) Please briefly enumerate estimated resources needed for your presentation:
(eg. overhead projector, slide proj., LCD/screen proj., computer (OS?), etc.)

You enter this information in the web Registration form

Please be precise and brief in all your answers. Use english only. Thank you.

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