MONDAY 10                    
REGISTRATION         ROOM 66-110          
Monday 10, 08.30 - 09.00AM
POSTERS         ROOM 56-191          
Monday 10, 08.45 - 09.45AM 38 5-poster Howard Fink College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs, University of Illinois at Chicago USA PP-IT in e-Planning Rethinking The Digital Divide
36 5-poster Daniel Spiess University of Michigan USA PP-IT in e-Planning GIS and the Challenges of Brownfields in Environmental Justice Communities
51 3-poster Richard Roberts The Praxis Group Canada PP-IT in e-Planning Multiple Methodologies Achieve Broad Spectrum Stakeholder Involvement
109 1-poster Michael Epstein MIT USA Public access to information History Unwired: Exploring Venice Frontiers
108 6-poster Monica Pinhanez MIT Brasil PP-IT in e-Government Reforming State Tax Administration in Brazil: Technological and Institutional
27 6-poster Peter Cook Independent Consultant USA PP-IT in e-Government Innovation in Public Sector Bureaucracies
29 6-poster Sergio Ricardo Quiroga Macleimont Media Studies Laboratory Argentina PP-IT in e-Government Communicacion For The Social Development
44 5-poster Marta Pinto Escola Superior de Biotecnologia, Universidade Catolica Portuguesa Portugal PP-IT in e-planning Promotion of the information and public participation methodologies in the scope of the implementation of Local Agenda 21: the experience in the smallest municipality of Portugal
CONFERENCE OPEN / WELCOME         ROOM 66-110          
Monday 10, 09.45 - 10.15 AM Opening Lawrence Vale, Joseph Ferreira Jr, Jočo Joanaz de Melo, Pedro Ferraz de Abreu
Session I - Public access to information       ROOM 66-110          
Monday 10, 10.20 - 12.15 AM 76 1-1 Valerie Aillaud, Bernard Marchand French Institute of Urban Planning - University of Paris 8 CITIDEP France Public access to information SMEs and broadband access : the case of Ile de France region
78 1-2 Zhong-Ren Peng MIT USA Public access to information A Standard-Based Geospatial Data Access System for Public Participation
65 1-3 John W. Sherry People and Practices Research Group, Intel Corporation USA Public access to information Mediated access: a comparative approach
71 1-4 Mette Arleth Aalborg University, Department of Development and Planning Denmark Public access to information Non-professional user's understanding of Geographic Information
73 1-5 (p) Ramaprasad Arkalgud University of Illinois Chicago USA Public access to information Public interaction with health information using the Internet: Leading the way to an informed patient
74 1-6 Renu Khosla National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) India Public access to information Leaves, Sticks and Pebbles: The Role of Context in Building a PPGIS
LUNCH BREAK                    
Session II - Public access to information + PP-IT and Globalization ROOM 66-110          
Monday 10, 13.45 - 15.45 PM 75 2-1 Rodrigo Sandoval Almazan ITESM CITIDEP Mexico Public access to information The data-bridge as a technology to reduce the digital divide
67 2-2 (p) Kai Chi Leung Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota USA Public access to information The National Historical Geographic Information System: Democratize Access to the Census
77 2-3 Vesna Dolnicar University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences, Centre for Methodology and Informatics Slovenia Public access to information Digital Divide Measurements
2 2-4 Eduardo Anselmo de Castro Department of Environmental Studies - University of Aveiro Portugal PP-IT and Globalization ICT-based services and Regional Development: the idea of a Telecomunications Master Plan
7 2-5 (p) Suchi Gopal Boston University USA PP-IT and Globalization IT and Public Participation - Examining the Impact of Globalization in India
8 2-6 Yosef Jabareen SPURS, MIT Israel PP-IT and Globalization Ethnic Minority, Public Participation and Information Technologies
Session III - PP-IT in e-Planning ROOM 66-110      
Monday 10, 16.00 - 17.30 PM 35 3-1 Christine Giger Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ) Switzerland PP-IT in e-Planning Automated Analysis of Stakeholder Behaviour in GIS-enabled Participatory Processes
41 3-2 John Gaber Auburn University USA PP-IT in e-Planning Incorporating Technology to Improve the Application of the Empirical Model of Citizen Consultation (EMC2)
37 3-3 (p) Gernot Paulus School of Geoinformation, Carinthia Tech Institute Austria PP-IT in e-Planning Strategic planning and simulation of electricity transmission grid infrastructure: New opportunities for Public Participation
43 3-4 Laxmi Ramasubramanian University of Illinois at Chicago CITIDEP USA PP-IT in e-Planning Character, Commerce, Computers, and Collaboration: Participatory Planning in Oak Park, Illinois
33 3-5 Ali Mostashari Program for Urban, Regional and Global Air Pollution, Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA PP-IT in e-Planning Stakeholder-Assisted Modeling and Policy Design Process
POSTERS       ROOM 56-191    
Monday 10, 17.40 - 18.40 PM SAME POSTERS AS MORNING
TUESDAY 11                    
Session IV - PP-IT in e-Government ROOM 66-110      
Tuesday 11, 08.45 - 10.45 AM 10 4-1 Angus Whyte International Teledemocracy Centre, Napier University United Kingdom PP-IT in e-Government Evaluating EDEN's Impact on Participation in Local e-Government
9 4-2 Andres Crespo London Connects United Kingdom PP-IT in e-Government The rise and rise of the e-London public sphere
25 4-3 Marco Aurelio Ruediger Fundacao Getulio Vargas - EBAPE Brasil PP-IT in e-Government E-Government and Its Impact on State and Civil Society: A Latin American Case
16 4-4 sr J. Ramon Gil-Garcia Center for Technology in Government, U. Albany CITIDEP Mexico PP-IT in e-Government Enacting E-Budgeting in Mexico: Bureaucracy, Institutions, and the Budget Process
23 4-5 (t) Luis Miguel Rionda Universidad de Guanajuato CITIDEP Mexico PP-IT in e-Government E-Democracy in marginal social surroundings. Some experiences of political and electoral participation by means of the New Information Technologies in Mexico
17 4-6 Javier Angel Alvarez Proyecto ART 39 Argentina PP-IT in e-Government ART.39 - A Civic Participation tool to Strengthen Democracy
13 4-7 Charles Kaylor Public Sphere Information Group USA PP-IT in e-Government The Evolution of Pariticpation: A Longitudinal Analysis of Change Among the Largest US Cities
Session V - PP-IT in e-Planning ROOM 66-110      
Tuesday 11, 11.00 - 13.00 AM 107 5-1 Renee Sieber McGill Canada PP-IT in e-Planning Challenges and Opportunities in Integrating E-commerce and GIS for Community Economic Development
47 5-2 sr Mulya Amri COMBINE Resource Institution, Indonesia, and U. of California, Los Angeles Indonesia PP-IT in e-Planning Institution Building and Information System Development as Inherent Counterparts: Notes from a Contemporary Indonesian Initiative
45 5-3 Michael Rios Hamer Center for Community Design Assistance, Penn State University USA PP-IT in e-Planning Helping Communities Design their Future: The PennSCAPEs Project
49 5-4 sr R. Timothy Sieber University of Massachusetts Boston CITIDEP USA PP-IT in e-Planning Public consultation in cases of university expansion: possibilities and failures
50 5-5 Remedios Ruiz ALEPH, S. A. CITIDEP Dominican Republic PP-IT in e-Planning Public Participation in Planning Social Development Policies and e-mail Technology: Lessons learned from practice after MIT academic experience
40 5-6 Joao Joanaz de Melo New University of Lisbon CITIDEP Portugal PP-IT in e-Planning Design and communication strategy for the TroiaResort eco-tourism project
LUNCH BREAK                
Session VI - PP-IT in e-Government ROOM 66-110      
Tuesday 11, 14.30 - 16.30 PM 15 6-1 sr Donald F. Norris Maryland Institute for Policy Anslysis and Research, U. of Maryland, Baltimore USA PP-IT in e-Government E-Government and E-Democracy at the American Grassroots
19 6-2 Juna Goda Papajorgji GIS Manager, Alachua County, Florida Adjunct Instructor, University of Florida USA PP-IT in e-Government A GIS and Multimedia web model for stimulating public participation in historic preservation decsions: ALACHUA county, Florida
12 6-3 Chantal Benoit-Barne UniversitŹ de Montreal CITIDEP Canada PP-IT in e-Government The rhetorical shaping of public space online
11 6-4 Boris Kragelj University of Ljubljana Slovenia PP-IT in e-Government Evaluating the use of the Internet by the Slovenian government
14 6-5 Danny F. Fernandes Heinz School of Public Policy and Management, Carnegie Mellon U. Institute for the Study of Information Technology and Society (InSITeS) USA PP-IT in e-Government A Phased Approach for Developing Human Services Web Portals
31 6-6 Sumeeta Srinivasan Harvard University USA PP-IT in e-Government E-Seva in Hyderabad, India: Implications for data sharing amongst planning agencies
KEYNOTE ROOM 66-110      
Tuesday 11, 16.45 - 18.00 PM with Joan Blades, founder of
Jane Fountain, Harvard, Digital Government Program
Pedro Ferraz de Abreu, MIT, CITIDEP President, as interviewer
CONFERENCE DINNER   20.00     Restaurant in Cambridge      
WEDNESDAY 12                    
Session VII - PP-IT in Teaching, Education and Arts + PP-IT and Globalization ROOM 7-431 (AVT)      
Wednesday 12, 8:30 - 10:30 AM 59 7-1 Maria Joao Antunes University of Aveiro Portugal PP-IT in Teaching, Education and Arts Patterns Of On-Line Communication: A Portuguese Study
60 7-2 Tania Marisa Dias Almeida Fonseca Public High School P. Jeronimo de Andrade CITIDEP Portugal PP-IT in Teaching, Education and Arts Promoting citizenship in schools through an european environmental study and using new technologies: the PEOPLE-Citizenship project
56 7-3 Jeremy Liu Asian Community Development Corporation USA PP-IT in Teaching, Education and Arts Art and Community Planning through A Chinatown Banquet, how Boston's Chinatown community uses digital technology for civic activism
62 7-4 Nathan Michaud Island Institute USA PP-IT in Teaching, Education and Arts Lobster Tales
53 7-5 Ambrizeth Lima Harvard CITIDEP USA PP-IT in Teaching, Education and Arts The Sending Context : A Basis for Understanding the Ethnic/Racial Identity Development of Cape Verdean Immigrant Youth in the United States
30 7-6 (t) Isabel Medina Silva Universidade Catolica, Portugal CITIDEP Portugal PP-IT in Teaching, Education and Arts Cooperative Learning using IT in classes of philosophy:New strategies of teacherís training.
3 7-7 (f2-5) Elizabeth Pilar Challinor Centro de estudos de antropologia social CITIDEP Portugal PP-IT and Globalization Conflict and Consensus-Building: Reflections from a case study of public participation in Cape Verde
Session III - PP-IT in e-Planning ROOM 7-431 (AVT)      
Wednesday 12, 10:45 - 11:45 AM 68 8-1 (f2-1) Lucie Laurian School of Planning, University of Arizona CITIDEP USA Public access to information Barriers to the use of IT by small towns: Does race or income matter most? The case of Southern Arizona
46 8-2 Michele Campagna Universita' degli Studi di Cagliari, Dipartimento di Ingegneria del territorio Italy PP-IT in e-Planning Planning with the environment in the Digital Age: Opportunities for e-EIA in Italy.
42 8-3 Laura Colini University of Florence, Italy MIT Italy PP-IT in e-Planning Organizing Active Citizenship: IT and poetic representation of citizens' dreams for a territorial plan
Session Conference Closing ROOM 66-110      
Wednesday 12, 12:00 - 13:00 PM ICPPIT and Panel Chairs CONCLUSIONS
MIT GUIDED TOUR   14.45     Lobby 7